Our policy

We will continue to create services that are confidently recommended to people close to us.

Business details

Internet media management

Product development & Sales

Product development & Sales

We are specialized in importing high quality products mainly from the China and reselling them in the Japanese market.

Our sales activity is mainly performed on line. If the product quality meets the demand, we exhibit them in one of the largest shows in Japan to wholesale.

We can be the intermediate link between you and the retailers in Japan. This is how we expand the business.

For manufacturer

  1. We are specialized in starting up brand new projects from zero. Very skilled marketers will research the market and create a sales scheme.
  2. Once we come to an agreement, Japan production will be able to start selling the product after two weeks (1 week after the products arrive to Japan Production)

If you are interested in opening and expanding your business in Japan with us, please feel free to get in touch with us.


  • Japan Production will be responsible in keeping stock in Japan.
  • Japan Production will design the domestic sales strategy in Japan. Therefore, there is no Japanese language barrier.
  • As for expenses of advertisement and participating in exhibition shows, Japan Production will bear them all.

About us

Company NameOne Reach LLC.
Head Office2, Suimei, Otsu, Shiga, Japan
Main BusinessOperates Internet media
Sales of oversea goods in Japan
Major Clientsamazon.co.jp
Rakuten, Inc.
Valuecommerce, Inc.
FAN Communications, Inc.
CEORyohei Ito
EstablishmentSep 18, 2020
HistoryAug 2017 Founded in Bizen, Okayama
Aug 2017 Publish our website:”Tokuasto” and “Shokuzaitakuhaibu
Feb 2019 Office moved to Otsu, Shiga
Sep 2020 OneReach LLC. established
Dec 2020 “tokusato” gets over 500,000 PV per month

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